Château Bärenfels Wehr ©Marcel Köpfer

Mythical Places in the Upper Rhine: Rheinfelden – Bad Säckingen


This tour takes you on a journey of discovery of the Upper Rhine's mythical places. From the German-Swiss town of Rheinfelden, the route follows the slope of the Dinkelberg to the Sankt-Gallus church in Eichsel, where the golden relics and colourful statues of the three virgins Kunigunde, Mechtrud and Wibranda are kept. From here the path continues to the Hohe Flum, the highest point of the Dinkelberg, where there is a viewpoint with a splendid panorama of the south-eastern Black Forest foothills. The next leg of the tour takes you to Wehr via the 12th century Bärenfels castle. The route leads along the Wehra to Bad Säckingen, where you can admire, among other things, the longest covered wooden bridge in Europe and a silver reliquary kept in St. Fridolin's Cathedral. From Bad Säckingen, you can choose between the Swiss and German banks of the Rhine. The Swiss section remains close to the Rhine until Rheinfelden. Pedalling along the German side, you’ll pass by the Heidenstein (a pagan stone), vestige of an ancient dolmen, situated in Schwörstadt. According to legend, the opening in the front slab of this dolmen, which dates back to 3000 BC, was intended to allow the souls of the deceased to reach the afterlife. The route then leads to the Tschamberhöhle, a cave in the municipality of Riedmatt, before reaching Beuggen Castle, built in an idyllic setting on the Rhine.

General informations

4 hours 30 minutes
57.90 km
Positive elevation
562 m
Negative elevation
562 m


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