Along the Rhine

The Rhine stretches over tens of thousands of kilometres in 9 Western European countries, including Germany, France and Switzerland. In the centre of Basel, in Switzerland, the Rhine forms a bend and its navigable waters flow northwards to form the border between Germany and France.

In fact, the Rhine has always been at the heart of local people’s lives. Originally a dividing line, it is now the main meeting point for the inhabitants. It is a multifaceted river, as Victor Hugo wrote:

"The Rhine has it all. The Rhine is as fast as the Rhône, as wide as the Loire, as deep as the Meuse, as tortuous as the Seine, as clear and green as the Somme, as historic as the Tiber, as royal as the Danube, as mysterious as the Nile, as spangled with gold as a river in America, and as covered with fables and ghosts as a river in Asia."

Along the Rhine, discover the diversity of the natural landscapes which it formed, marvel at the imposing hydroelectric dams, and meet people from the three countries by crossing the Rhine’s numerous bridges.