The South of the Black Forest

Situated in the south-west of Germany, the southern Black Forest covers from the Upper Rhine in the south up to Freiburg im Breisgau in the north. It includes the highest summits of the Black Forest, notably the Feldberg, the Herzogenhorn, the Schauinsland as well as the Belchen. This is also the most important tourist region in Baden-Württemberg: each year, many tourists from near and far flock here. Feel like a gourmet weekend, a long bike ride or a quiet holiday? Don’t hesitate, head for the south of the Black Forest, there’s something for everyone.

A True Natural Paradise, Between Relaxation and Adventure

The Black Forest is set apart by its wide range of spectacular natural landscapes, which make it a unique destination. Mountains, gorges, lakes, caves, springs, forests and meadows form a rich and varied environment, perfect for nature lovers. These romantic landscapes, often intriguing and always a pleasure, invite you to follow the footsteps of the Bad Säckingen trumpeter, to cross charming villages, or to try poetry on the Literarischer Radweg (Literary Route). The Wehra's wild gorges, accessible on foot, as well as the Erdmannshöhle, a legendary cave, will feed your adventurous soul. You can also enjoy visiting the charming town of Schopfheim, on the banks of the Wiese, or Rheinfelden, right next to Switzerland.

The Gourmet Destination

Take advantage of your visit in order to experience one of our many local specialities. Aside from its eponymous cake, the Black Forest has delicious specialities to offer locals and tourists alike. This includes Black Forest smoked ham, saveloy salad, tarte flambée or the potato cake (known locally as the Brägel) and bibeleskäs.