The Dinkelberg

An Island of Green at the Gates of Basel

A few yards from Basel, and the towns of Lörrach, Schopfheim, Wehr and Rheinfelden in southern

Baden, lie the gentle hills of the Dinkelberg. Here, between the south of the Black Forest and Swiss Jura, nature opens her arms to you. You could almost forget that the Swiss-German border is just to the west. Jumping across the border to enjoy the tourist and recreation areas around Basel is a daily pastime here.

Enjoy Nature with All Your Senses

For those who like to be active, the Dinkelberg offers plenty of opportunities for exercise on the

well-marked hiking and cycling trails through the rural landscape of the region. Charming villages and hostels tempt you to have a rest, not to mention the public picnic areas, with their superb panoramas.

Thrills Guaranteed - The Dinkelberg’s Two Tourist Caves

Go on an adventure into the Dinkelberg’s depths, entering the Erdmannshöhle near Hasel and then the Tschamberhöhle, near Rheinfelden, in the land of Baden. These two caves, two hundred million years old, offer visitors a striking geological spectacle.

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