Finding Accommodation

Charming and open-air hostels, hotels of all types, furnished tourist accommodation or even in the homes of local people: there is something for every taste and every budget. Whichever one you choose, it will undoubtedly allow you to appreciate the sense of welcome that is characteristic of our region.

Tourist offices will give you accommodation choices that meet your wishes. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with them for advice. Our local teams would love to help you.

Did you know? Some accommodation providers make special arrangements for cycle tourists. Find out more.




Find Out More

A well-received cyclist is a happy cyclist. Therefore, many accommodation providers commit to offering a welcome and services adapted to cycling tourists. In order to better identify them and offer consistent services, the territories have created quality labels based on lists of criteria. Staying in a certified establishment guarantees access to a secure bicycle garage, information on the local tourist activities, the possibility of carrying out minor repairs to your bicycle or even enjoying a full breakfast.

Establishments which meet these essential criteria are given labels like « Bett und Bike » (Bed and Bike) and « Accueil Vélo » (Welcomes Cyclists). Although the criteria may vary between labels, you can expect much the same service.