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Three Country Itineraries


The three-country route is a must for Dreiland. Whether you are a keen cyclist, a day-tripper or a sports cyclist, you will enjoy this unusual route which will allow you to "leapfrog" the borders of the Three Countries Region.

On the German side, you will cover the sunny hills of Markgräflerland, while the more adventurous can challenge the slopes of the Dinkelberg, with a breathtaking view of the entire Rhine Valley in play. In Swiss Jura, you will also be at the perfect height to admire deep forests, rural landscapes and cherry blossoms, which announce spring in Aargau and Baselland. There is only one step from Swiss Jura to Alsatian Jura: flowered villages with beautiful Alsatian half-timbered houses, old calvaries, characteristic churches, green and hilly countryside.You’ll take the whole Sundgau region with you on your luggage rack.

At the intersection of every land route since antiquity. Dreiland is also a crossroads of waterways, with Her Majesty the Rhine at the forefront. You can pedal peacefully and safely along the old towpaths which lead you through the woods and allow you to cross part of the immense Hardt state forest, characteristic of the Rhine.

Going off the track, go ahead and explore towns and villages of the three countries and meet local people. This is a unique opportunity to discover three different cultures that share a common destiny on both sides of the Rhine.

General informations

13 hours
210.00 km
Positive elevation
1234 m
Negative elevation
1234 m