Ruine - Pfeffingen ©Baselland Tourismus

Discovering Castles by Electric Bicycle


On this circuit from Basel, you will discover a multitude of castles and beautiful landscapes. 

This circuit features different castles and covers three cantons. You’ll start by crossing the Leimental Valley, where the ruins of Landskron stand in the distance. The first highlight is the Mariastein Monastery, one of the most beautiful abbeys in Switzerland. The route crosses the forest up to the idyllic vineyards of Aescher Klus. A stop in the pleasant winegrower's bistro is a must. A visit to the Pfeffingen ruins, with its many information points, is well worth it. Continue with Angenstein Castle, before the route takes us through Dornach, where the well-preserved ruins of Dorneck Castle are worth a visit. The route carries on to Arlesheim and its remarkable cathedral. A final stop before returning to Basel is the unique Hermitage with its caves, cliffs and ponds, as well as Birseck Castle.

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3 hours 45 minutes
44.10 km
Positive elevation
707 m


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